Proven Winners Botanical Trail

The Proven Winners® Botanical Trail concept evolved from our Proven Winners® Signature Garden designation. Developed as an alternative to the grand garden concept of a Proven Winners® Signature Garden, the Proven Winners® Botanical Trail designation refers to the integration of Proven Winners®plants within natural settings, while respecting the native surroundings and natural landscape.  

A Proven Winners® Botanical Trail is intended to be a unique landscape plant adventure. Very few guests and visitors to these properties will not appreciate our Proven Winners® plant varieties, respectfully integrated into the natural landscape setting. The Proven Winners® Botanical Trail is designed to attract attention from the casual to the most avid gardener.

As with the Proven Winners® Signature Garden program, properties demonstrating a strict set of criteria are invited to join this elite, exclusive group of notable botanical environments to become a Proven Winners® Botanical Trail. Specific criteria include public access with a high profile, demographic synergies, marketing recognition, and a respect for the local natural landscape. Site and trail maps guide the visitor through the trails and identify plant materials, enhancing the plant adventure. Visitor traffic and revenues are enhanced by improved guest interest, garden tours, additional event opportunities, and visitor appreciation.

Each site is to be designated with signage and certification, and is to be displayed proudly on site. Only properties with a commitment to a quality presentation will be considered. This designation is to be granted on a yearly basis with garden maintenance standards required for renewable status.

Upon application, The Proven Winners® Signature Garden Selection Committee is responsible for the Proven Winners® Botanical Trail selection status and designation. This designation is granted on a yearly basis with garden standards required for renewable status.

For more information, or to submit an application, please email Josh Miller, Proven Winners Landscape Manager:

Rockcastle River Trading Company – Livingston, KY

Cherokee Botanical Garden – Cherokee, North Carolina

Greenbrier Resort – White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia

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