About the Proven Winners Certified Landscape Professional Program

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Proven Winners

Proven Winners® introduces the industry’s best, most unique, high performing plants, produced under the highest quality standards, and unsurpassed in terms of flowering, growth habit, disease resistance, and garden performance. The unique and innovative plants in the Proven Winners® line are grown from material bred by a network of top international breeders. In addition to producing exceptional flowering plants, Proven Winners® has formed partnerships with strong companies such as Spring Meadow Nursery (which acts as the brand manager for Proven Winners® ColorChoice® flowering shrubs), Walters Gardens (Proven Winners® Perennials), and Classic Caladiums (Heart To Heart™ Caladiums) broadening their collection of plants to include a vast array of flowering shrubs and perennials for landscape professionals. Proven Winners® is now a global brand and can be found in many countries throughout the world.

Program Overview

The Proven Winners® Certified Landscape Professional (PWCLP) program designates landscape industry professionals who have demonstrated a professional expertise in the effective use of the Proven Winners® plant brand. Meeting specific criteria, and selected from a submittal process, designees are professional experts with Proven Winners® plants, enhancing their landscape projects with exceptional, high performance Proven Winners® plant varieties, and showcasing their use in landscape designs and projects. The Proven Winners Certified Landscape Professional designation provides a competitive distinction, as well as a vehicle to build additional enhancement business.

Once designated, the program supports the landscape professional as a Proven Winners® expert, skilled in the design, installation, maintenance, and overall performance of Proven Winners® plants. In addition to program support from Proven Winners®, interaction from other designees encourages the sharing of information and best practices, including the following: (1) education of Proven Winners® plant varieties and what makes them superior, (2) coaching with effective design, (3) development of a specific Proven Winners® plant list appropriate for the professional’s client base, (4) training on effective fertilization, soil amending and irrigation, (5) how to benefit from effective use of container plantings, window boxes, and hanging baskets, (6) providing mentorship to help enhance success and client satisfaction, and (7) sharing best practices.

Program Objective

The program objective is to develop landscape professional experts who are skilled in the effective design, installation, care and maintenance of Proven Winners® plants in the landscape. The Proven Winners® Certified Landscape Professional (PWCLP) designation provides the landscape professional a competitive business distinction, and recognition as a skilled Proven Winners® plant brand expert.

Proven Winners Certified Landscape Professionals often act as a regional professional resource for the Proven Winners® plant brand.

Criteria for Designation

The criteria for a designated Proven Winners® Certified Landscape Professional (PWCLP) includes the following considerations:

  1. Proven track record and experience – minimum (5) year landscape industry business operations
  2. Exhibits personal and honest business professionalism
  3. The individual, and their company, is recognized as innovative, a community influencer, and an industry leader with a superior reputation
  4. Client base and project capabilities are compatible with Proven Winners® plants and products
  5. The individual has decision making capabilities as to plant selections and specifications
  6. There exists future growth potential
  7. Demonstrates sufficient experience using Proven Winners® branded plants and products
  8. Grower relationships sufficient to supply quality finished Proven Winners® plants
  9. Demonstration of effective, professional marketing, presentation skills, and PR
  10. Willingness and ability to interact with other designees and provide mentorship
  11. Will show commitment to the Proven Winners® brand, exhibit expertise with Proven Winners® plants and products, is community minded, and will make him or herself available to Proven Winners® events, as available
  12. Member in good standing with professional groups, certifications, or memberships, active industry involvement
  13. Has the willingness and ability to attend selected Proven Winners® educational activities and events to maintain the PWCLP designation with minimum level of credit hours annually
  14. Business market and service areas do not overlap or compete with that of existing PWCLP designees

Program Designation Levels

The Proven Winners Certified Landscape Professional (PWCLP) program is comprised of two designation levels:

  1. Proven Winners Certified Landscape Professional, Founding Member: The Proven Winners® Certified Landscape Professional designation is intended for a specific individual professional. The PWCLP Program was initiated with eleven Founding Members who form the program’s Advisory Committee:

    Jack Barnwell, Barnwell Landscape & Garden Services, Michigan; C3 Gardens, Florida
    Anna Brooks, Arcadia Gardens, Michigan
    Zeke Cooper, DreamCatcher Hotels, North Carolina
    Doug Darga, Matter Park, Indiana; Mission Point Resort, Michigan
    Michael Galli, Metamorphosis Landscape, California
    Rick Johnson, North Carolina
    Chris Jones, Pinehurst Resort, North Carolina
    Donn Vidosh, Vidosh North, Michigan
    Curtis Webb, Greenbrier Resort, West Virginia
    Richard Weber, Springhouse Gardens, Kentucky
  2. Proven Winners Certified Landscape Professionals: The Proven Winners Professionals approved for the Proven Winners Certified Landscape designation and maintaining designation credits as required.

Designation Process and Submittal

There are two avenues available for submitting your interest for PWCLP designation consideration:

  1. Direct sponsor referral: Sponsor is defined as an existing PWCLP designee

  2. Individuals interested in the PWCLP designation may complete a Phase 1 submittal request as follows:

Phase 1:

A) Initiate the submittal process by completing and returning the following Phase #1 introductory information using this online link: https://forms.gle/JjRC4YspxrHXxZvV8

Or, you may complete the following and email your information to Proven Winners, c/o Tom Ewing, at tewing@provenwinners.com:

  1. Name, Company Name, Address, City, State and Zip Code, Phone Number, and Email Address
  2. Please submit an overview of your company, including the scope of work, brief portfolio overview, market(s) served, expertise, company history, and past experience.
  3. Do you and/or your company meet the criteria listed above? If not, which items?
  4. How did you hear about the Proven Winners Certified Landscape Professional program? If referred, please state the name, company, and contact information.
  5. List your industry involvement, affiliations, industry memberships, and certifications. Describe any relevant industry training, education, degrees, and/or experience.

. . . Following your Phase 1 submittal, the process consists of three subsequent phases:

Phase 2:
After submitting the above information, and validating all criteria, you may be provided additional submittal information to complete and return.

Phase 3:
You will be provided an interview date and time with a Proven Winners Certified Landscape Professional.

Phase 4:
PWCLP Designations will then be notified in writing.

Designation Retention Process

  • Proven Winners Certified Landscape Professionals must maintain their designation by earning a minimum level of 8 credit hours annually
  • Credits will be self-reporting, and must be submitted on an annual basis
  • Credits can be earned by attending approved Proven Winners® events or activities, including the following:
    1. Proven Winners® Roadshows
    2. Proven Winners® Grand Garden Show
    3. Open House or Educational Events held at a Proven Winners®, Affiliate, or Gold Key Grower facilities
    4. Any Proven Winners® Educational Event
    5. A minimum of one Proven Winners Certified Landscape Professional specified education events
    6. Any sanctioned PGMS (Professional Grounds Management Society) event
    7. Educational events held by APLD, NALP, or ASLA that includes Proven Winners® content
    8. Industry trade organization event or activity where Proven Winners® is participating
    9. PWCLP Designee company sponsored events featuring Proven Winners® or its products
    10. Presenting at any Proven Winners® event, or sponsored event
    11. Writing or publishing an expert article referencing Proven Winners® products, your PWCLP designation, or showcasing Proven Winners® in your projects.
    12. Presenting to any local professional organization, industry association, or garden club group
    13. Conducting formal Proven Winners® educational programs within your organization

Program Support and Business Enhancements

  1. Designees are authorized to use the Proven Winners Certified Landscape Professional logo on websites,
    stationary, uniforms, hats, jackets, vehicles, marketing materials, etc.
  2. Proven Winners® can provide assistance with press releases for your initial designation, completed projects, new
    plant materials, new programs featuring Proven Winners®, etc.
  3. All designees will be featured on our Proven Winners® website
  4. Proven Winners® will provide presentation material support for client presentations, landscape architects, and
    new project proposals
  5. Build exposure and new client opportunities by promoting the Proven Winners® Certified Landscape Professional
    designation at local or regional presentation opportunities such as garden events, garden tours, and
    professional outreach
  6. Landscape Professional designees are often provided opportunities to participate, and present, at Proven
    Winners® events and activities
  7. Creating, documenting, and marketing landscape plantings that showcase Proven Winners® plants and promote
    the designation
  8. Development of the Proven Winners® Certified Landscape Professional designation for enhanced business
    development as a professional expertise, distinction, and client opportunity
  9. Assistance with PR, articles, and media placement featuring key showcase projects

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