The Gardens of Southeastern North Carolina

A Proven Winners Signature Garden Since 2024

The Gardens of Southeastern North Carolina, a non-profit botanical garden, is committed to improving lives and nurturing creativity through the wonders of nature. Encompassing over 300 acres in collaboration with Johnson Nursery Corporation, a wholesale nursery, the ambition is to establish themselves as a top-tier destination for plant and nature enthusiasts, event attendees, families, and individuals of all ages!

What initially began as a modest vision for David R. Johnson, President and founder of Johnson Nursery, has gradually evolved into a premier hub for a variety of events. These range from educational and family-friendly activities to occasionally delectable and hands-on workshops, all infused with the captivating hues and inspiration drawn from the natural world. When queried about his vision for The Gardens, David articulates:

“From the beginning, I wanted to maintain this property in memory of my fraternal grandparents. It was always my desire to have a display garden. Since the beginning of Johnson Nursery in 1981 we have grown and distributed millions of plants; however, most of our employees have never seen our plants beyond three years old. I remember my excitement with seeing a mature Viburnum “Mariesii” in full bloom for the first time while traveling to visit my maternal grandparents. How could this excitement be shared with Johnson Nursery employees, customers, and visitors?” 

From this fundamental question, the dream of a display garden was conceived. In 2020, the inaugural beds were dedicated, showcasing vibrant colors. Just a few years later, The Gardens boasts over 30 meticulously maintained beds, overseen by a dedicated team comprising of horticulturist Karen Root and plant enthusiast Mary Deal.

As The Gardens continue to evolve, aspirations extend beyond offering natural beauty and hosting events. They aim to create nature trails through native hardwood forests, expand educational workshops, provide volunteer opportunities, host private events, worship services, and much more. As The Gardens flourish, so too will the array of opportunities. Explore our website and stay tuned for exciting developments!

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Proven Winners Landscape Roadshow – Hosted By Home Nursery

June 20, 2024
American Legion Hall 600 North Bertha Street, Albers, Illinois 62215
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Pinehurst Resort, The Carolina Hotel / Village of Pinehurst, NC

November 21, 2024
Village of Pinehurst, NC / Historic Carolina Hotel
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