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Samantha Ulasy


Margaret Valley Landscaping, LTD

308-3229 Skyview Lane
West Kelowna, BC V4T 3J3

Office: (778) 821-1294


About Sam Ulasy and Margaret Valley Landscaping, LTD

Margaret Valley Landscaping was born in Kelowna, BC, in the spring of 2019. It all started with Sam, one employee, and a dream to create the most memorable landscape company. Since then, it has grown into a multi-employee business with an ever-growing network of local companies and high-end clients.

Margaret Valley specializes in Design, Consulting, Renovations, Plant health and knowledge, Seasonal Displays, and Regular maintenance.  Sam has always had a love for plants, from a young age she took an interest in all the different varieties of plants and the amount of life and beauty they add to a space. Sam has always had an artistic and creative side which she utilizes when designing gardens and seasonal displays for all of her clients.

Sam has a Diploma in Horticulture and construction and has over 8 years experience in the landscaping industry. Margaret Valley is named after Sam’s late grandmother, Margaret, whom Sam adopted her love of plants from at a very early age. The Valley comes from living in the beautiful Okanagan Valley, where Margaret Valley was created. Sam was inspired to start her own landscaping business after she had worked in the industry for a few years. During that time, she realized how other companies chose to run their business, and she saw a gap in the industry that she could fill perfectly. Margaret Valley was created to help break the stigma of what a landscaping company should look like. It is a woman-founded and run business that strives to empower women in all walks of life to do whatever inspires them, even if it doesn’t fit into the society’s standards. Margaret Valley has been recognized in numerous awards and articles local to Kelowna BC and has inspired many other females to begin their entrepreneur journey! 


Upcoming Events


Proven Winners Landscape Roadshow – Hosted By Home Nursery

June 20, 2024
American Legion Hall 600 North Bertha Street, Albers, Illinois 62215
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Pinehurst Resort, The Carolina Hotel / Village of Pinehurst, NC

November 21, 2024
Village of Pinehurst, NC / Historic Carolina Hotel
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