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Way To Grow, LLC

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About Holly Lindzy and Way To Grow, LLC

Way To Grow, LLC sprouted in the early 2000’s with the idea that some “experts” just make gardening too complicated. From there it grew with speaking engagements, Adult Education programs and weekly newspaper columns…that inevitably bloomed into a consulting, design and arboricultural care firm. 

Owner Holly Lindzy has spent over 20 years in the industry, and a lifetime in love with the outdoors. Born curious with a zeal for learning, she’s obtained many professional certifications including Indiana Accredited Horticulturist and ISA Certified Arborist. This has afforded her to gain experience in management of retail and wholesale nursery operations as well.

Rooted in care for people and plants, Way To Grow, LLC keeps Central Indiana colorful and carefree with expert guidance and design for the whole landscape from the tips of the trees to the root, and everything in between.  

Services offered by Way To Grow, LLC include, but are not limited to:

  • Plant health assessment, diagnosis and treatment
  • Landscape design
  • Project management
  • DIY landscape guidance
  • Plant inventories for new homeowners
  • Personal plant shopping

Upcoming Events


Proven Winners Landscape Roadshow – Hosted By Home Nursery

June 20, 2024
American Legion Hall 600 North Bertha Street, Albers, Illinois 62215
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Pinehurst Resort, The Carolina Hotel / Village of Pinehurst, NC

November 21, 2024
Village of Pinehurst, NC / Historic Carolina Hotel
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